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Controlled Parking has developed the first Controlled Parking Platform in Greece, which is specially designed and implemented in a cloud computing environment and provides integrated vehicle parking services in the form of Software as a Service (Software as a) Service)., through this platform, provides its services to Municipalities throughout the Greek Territory.

This platform supports any request of the Municipal Authorities and is fully customizable and scalable.


Call Issuance has developed and provides the first comprehensive call issuing service.

This service enables competent officials to issue infringement attestation acts (known calls), at the location of the infringement, using mobile devices (PDAs or mobile phones and printers).

All violations of the Road Traffic Code are supported, as well as any kind of violation in accordance with the regulatory decisions of the Municipalities.

The service can support and collaborate with any Municipal computer system, with controlled parking systems, as well as operate autonomously. Finally, it provides facilities such as: issuing and managing licenses for permanent residents and special groups, online complaint application, online acceptance / rejection of complaints, etc.